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Our Mission
Our mission is to help clients maintain financial common sense in today's economy, while assisting them in achieving future goals. We communicate openly with clients to reach an understanding of their needs. We're dedicated to high standards of excellence and professionalism.

Our Firm
We have a remarkable range of creative talent and expertise varying from simple to complex international business related issues. Our talented staff offers expertise in all fields of sales, marketing, and distribution. We're poised to provide immediate customer service and accurate up-to-date Advertising Reports.

Account Management​​
Our account team puts you first.

NOTICE TO ALL MEN March 16th 2015

NOTICE TO ALL MEN April 28, 2017


USA BRANDS Inc. herein (The Facilitator) herein makes no claims and or representation of officially representing the artist as their management and or agency. The Facilitator has very strong relationships within the entertainment industry and shall make best efforts in utilizing those relationships on your behalf in effort to successfully help you book the designated artist, producer, entertainment mogul you desire for your event or project. 

Our Office
We're committed to providing you with quality Advertising and International Sales services. We use the latest technologies, including top of the line software. We also offer electronic processing, so you get your reports quickly and easily.

At USA BRANDS, we strive to anticipate needs and do everything possible to deliver ideas that exceed our clients' expectations. As a result, our account team is on top of it from start to finish–from ensuring proper planning to seeing every aspect of the project is delivered as promised, if not better. Awesomeness may not come easy, but we make it look effortless.

We believe that our combined knowledge and experience will achieve remarkable results for all of our clients.